Thick as Thieves. Sunday, September 20th. 6pm.

Gomez & Guest Present: Thick as Thieves

We are very excited to be back at The Creek hosting Thick as Thieves. This month we have an awesome line-up all jam packed for you in one hour — this Sunday at 6! This show will start on the DOT!

September Guests include:

Mike Weiss & Jessica Weiss
Dru Johnston & Benjamin Apple
Lauren Lapkus & Mackenzie Condon

So come on down for what is bound to be one of the greatest moments of all improv comedy. Then at 7pm, lets get our fancy on and watch the EMMYS. Perfect Sunday.

Two Shows This Weekend!

Saturday, May 16th @ 10pm at The Creek!

Gomez & Guest appearing with Ladies who Brunch, Badman, and Sprinkles!  This is bound to be a really fun show because Ladies Who Brunch is another two-prov lady team that is hitting New York City. Us ladies got to look out for each other — come and be smitten!

Sunday, May 17th @ 6pm at The Creek!

Gomez & Guest appearing at Thick as Thieves with Cleveland Prevails! Nick & Pete! Hank & Oscar!  This is the monthly show we host at the Creek. We’re really excited for our guests and its also Bryce’s going away party to Australia! Get all your bits out of the way!

It is all happening at The Creek. 10-93 Jackson Ave. LIC, NY.
Take the 7, one stop into Queens. Exit to the front of the train! Walk!

Pumpkin - 4/26/09 - Creek Fest

"I’m Steeeva" 

Today we had a show at the Up The Creek Improv Festival and it was a lot of fun but it was a little scattered on our parts. We were just too hot up on that stage and sometimes you realize that oh crap, improv is scary and there is only two of us and I have to pee this whole time I’m up here!  I do like the part that we are performing now and I would like to solidify some sort of form because I do think it helps. I also think the fact that we have such a good friendship outside of improv helps a lot but sometimes it backfires because we get into conversation mode. We’ve been given that note before and its something we’re trying to work on!!!

We did a practice session with Chelsea and one with Jill which were really helpful but I think it would be good to get a weekly thing going just to stretch out those muscles. Oh man, I will never get tired of talking about improv. 

Photo by Brian Witte.

Photo by Brian Witte.

Photo by Brian Witte. April 5th. The Creek. 8pm. Performed with Froduce, Taco Knight and Future Boys.

Photo by Brian Witte. April 5th. The Creek. 8pm. Performed with Froduce, Taco Knight and Future Boys.

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